Spring has Sprung

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Alexianer Klostergärtnerei, Cologne, Germany We went to the nursery today to get some new plants for our balconies.

I look forward to this day every year. For me, the day when we go to the Alexianer nursery to buy the new plants for the balconies is the day that winter is finally over. I know that from now on, we’ll be spending a lot of time outside.

We were unusually disciplined

In recent years, we always went totally overboard with the plants and flowers. We bought at least twice as many as we could accommodate.

But this year, we planned ahead: yesterday, we threw out all the old plants that hadn’t survived the winter on our balconies. We then put empty pots in the places where we wanted to put new plants. Then we counted the pots and made a list of how many and what kinds of plants we’d need.

And today, we were really almost on track. We only bought a few more plants than we needed.

But the nice thing is that

a. there’s always room for another plant or flower somewhere and

b. the Alexianer Klostergärtnerei , where we buy our plants, is part of a psychiatric hospital here in Cologne, and the people living at the institution get to work in the nursery as part of their therapy.

So as a customer, you can always tell yourself that you’re actualy doing something good buying plants there.

So who cares if we bought a few more plants today than we needed…

Written by Thorsten

April 26, 2008 at 11:07 pm

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  1. This year I preferred ” Dinger’s. Got myself an English apple tree and an Italian apricot. Must come a admire it before picking time!


    April 29, 2008 at 1:11 pm

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