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Could it be you forgot somthing?

Could it be you forgot something?

There’s a website called NiceCritic that lets you send “helpful messages” anonymously.

For instance, if your boss has a serious case of body odor, but you don’t know how to pass a subtle hint, you can use this website and tell him anonymously.

The site has different categories like Personal Hygiene, Office Behavior , Neighborly Suggestion or Sports Etiquette. In each category, there are several statements to choose from. You just pick the one that fits and it’ll be sent to your recipient. He (or she) will never know what hit him (or her).

Popular embarrassements

The great thing is that you can also see how often people have sent this particular “hint”. For instance, the most popular one in the General Behavior category is “Please refrain from slapping people’s buttocks.” By Wednesday, some 2500 people had sent that statement.

I never knew buttslapping was such a problem out there in the real world.

Or could it be that people were just sending this message to have a little fun?

On the Personal Hygiene page, I like Please consider trimming some ear hair.” And – come to think of it – I even know someone to whom I should possibly send this message. Maybe he reads this and I won’t have to go through the website…

Or how about “You have a noticeable post-bathroom stain” . Could you imagine someone sending you an anonymous e-mail with that message?

One of my favorite statements is in the Appearance category: “It seems like your thong is showing.” An amazing 2513 users have already sent that message to someone anonymously.

Or how about “Your yawning seems to be particularly loud today”, which got almost 1400 hits on the Office Behavior page.

It’s not all negative

The nice thing is that there’s also a category for Anonymous Praise. And here, my favorite statement is “The exercise and weight loss are really paying off”.

Unfortunately, it’s not the most popular statement in that category. I guess that proves that there aren’t that many people out there who are exercising and losing weight.

If only it worked like it should

The thing that really bugs me, however, is that the site doesn’t seem to work. I wanted to test it today and sent myself a message That haircut looks great on you.

I felt I needed that.

Unfortunately, the e-mail never arrived.


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