Phnom Penh’s public washroom

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Doing the washing in front of the National MuseumOne of the most public spaces in Phnom Penh is a large lawn in front of the National Museum.

It’s bordered on its four sides by the museum, the enclosing wall of the royal palace and two rows of shops, offices and restaurants.

And even though this piece of green is smack in the heart of the city, it’s also Phnom Penh’s public washroom.

garden hose in front of the palace wallThere are two water hoses on the lawn and any time of day, you’ll find locals making good use of that water.

They’ll step on the lawn,  strip down to their underwear and bring out the soap and shampoo.

And after they’ve  washed themselves in plain public view, they might even bring out the laundry and take care of that too.

washing in public in Phnom PenhThe nice thing is that no one seems to care.

It’s just a part of daily life in Phnom Penh, where not everyone has a sink, a shower or a bathtub at his disposal.doing the laundry on the lawn


Written by Thorsten

December 9, 2008 at 1:24 am

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