Marry in Macau – but bring your own food

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downtown MacauMost travel books and travel websites describe Macau as a gourmet’s paradise.

After having been here for a week, I can’t really agree.

And I suspect that all those rave review about the great Portuguese and Chinese food you can find in Macau must somehow have been masterminded by the Macau board of tourism.

Where’s the beef?

For the first couple of days in Macau, we had a hard time even finding restaurants.

In other cities, you come across dozens of decent eateries just by exploring any downtown street.

In Beijing or Shanghai, for instance, locals and tourists love to go out to eat. There are amazing restaurants everywhere. I kind of expected the same from Macau.

But in Macau’s downtown streets, all you see is some neon-lit snack bars or very basic eateries. And these places tend to offer low quality at a high price.

We felt disappointed or even ripped off almost every night.

I guess there must be great restaurants in some of the big hotels – but you’d probably have to win big at the local casinos before you could afford to have dinner there every night.

After our fourth or fifth disappointing dinner here, we finally found some reasonable places in the area behind Avenida Dr. Sun Yat-Sen.

There are Indian, Lebanese, Italian paces that offer pretty good food at moderate prices (I highly recommend the food at “Taste of India“, although the service may be a bit slow there sometimes).

Less restaurants, more wedding outfitters than elsewhere

wedding serviceMacau may have less downtown restaurants, but it definitely has more wedding outfitters than any city I’ve been to recently.

On some commercial streets, the competition is so tight that you wonder how they can all survive.

The wedding dresses and tuxedos displayed in the shop windows are probably best described with words like interesting, daring, different or colorful.

wedding gowns in a store windowIt seems to me that some of those Macau fashion designers have seen too many pictures of Louis XIV and the fashions at the French court of the 17th century.

Their gowns are an extravaganza of frills and rhinestones. The colors range from purple to canary-yellow to turquoise.

photos for the wedding albumOf course they also have white wedding dresses – these are probably the most popular.

At least white dresses are all you see when you see couples at the picturesque places of Macau, posing for the pictures that will make up their wedding albums.

But the wedding outfitters hardly ever dress their store dummies in those elegant white outfits.

purple brideThey mostly put the other colors and designs on display.

I guess they hope to encourage prospective couples to go for those more colorful version of their Louis XXXII creations.

Here’s to purple, yellow and flamingo-colored brides.

And good luck at trying to find a restaurant for the wedding party in Macau…


Written by Thorsten

May 11, 2009 at 7:12 am

4 Responses

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  1. Your headline could be my comment. Greetings from Cologne.


    May 11, 2009 at 1:25 pm

  2. He Thorsten,

    that´s a place someone at dopplr recommended:

    A small unpretentious chinese place called Cheon kei, located at Rua de Felecidad, a 3 minutes walk from the bustling Largo de Senado ( the portuguese quarter ). This is one place you can eat fresh and handmade made,dense and chewy noodles that’s different from anything ‘chinese’ that i’ve had before. I had the noodles with shrimp roe. Great stuff. They were probably unused to someone like me, an Indian, who walked into the place. The lady spoke good English and started by telling me tht maybe some of her dishes (especially the one i did eat) may not suit me (meaning i may not like them to tmy taste), but was surprised when i ordered exacly that and boy did i relish it :-). The prices were extremely reasonable, but then the helping was a bit small too..so i had another noodle soup.
    If you dig local cuisine, go for it.
    Next to it is a bakery Pastelaria Koi Kei. wonderful fresh almond cookies and peanut candies..they let you try samples before you decide what you wanna buy. I ate some and carried some packets home. Aah, i still have 3 pieces of peanut candies left, a month after my return, and i suppose, they’ll be gone in the next couple of hours.


    May 13, 2009 at 3:47 pm

  3. chinese beijing style, shanghai style, sichuan and of course cantonese all available 24 hours and it’s not in the casinos. japanese, thai, korean, vietnamese, indian and malay are everywhere.
    And please study a bit before you write anything stupid. Portuguese restaurants are everywhere. There are a lot of Italians as well. Can find Steak houses and mexican as well. Even Brasilian churrascão we have here. Are you sure you were in Macau?


    May 19, 2009 at 9:24 pm

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