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Anywhere but Ulan Bator

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Ulan Bator is a city that’s hard to love. The Mongolian capital has no charm, no elegance, no refined cuisine and hardly any sights that are worth visiting.

Most tourists just use Ulan Bator as a point of departure to see the magnificent Mongolian countryside: untouched steppe, beautiful mountains, rivers and lakes.

But how do the Ulan Bator locals deal with the ugliness of their city?

They go on little escapes.

On Ulan Bator’s vast main square, you’ll see dozens of billboards of exotic places.

These billboards are actually backdrops for children’s photographs.

Local photographers will take pictures of kids in front of a Thai temple backdrop, a fairy tale castle or a colonial American house.

If you can’t afford an exotic holiday as a Mongolian, at least this is one way to dream yourself and your kids away from this drab place.


Written by Thorsten

July 15, 2008 at 7:41 am

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